Coppola Residence

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Client: Coppola-Niebaum Winery

Location: Napa Valley, California

Geography: Hardiness Zone 9b

Type: Residential

Project Requirements: In 1887, Gustave Niebaum, a retired sea captain from Finland, fell in love with Napa and built the Inglenook winery and a stately Victorian-style house. The house featured a circular drive anchored by a magnificent Valley Oak. Over the years the house fell into disrepair and the tree, damaged by a storm, fell into the house. When Francis Ford Coppola purchased the property, he set out to restore the residence to its past glory and asked Environmental Design to find a replacement tree.

Project Process: Environmental Design located a tree in the nearby vineyard of the same size and species, Valley Oak (Quercus lobata) and developed a plan for moving this 250,000 pound load through the vineyard.

Project Solution: After carefully root pruning the tree and encapsulating the root ball, the tree was lifted onto transports and slowly moved through the vineyard to the central position in front of the restored Victorian mansion.

Lance Armstrong Residence

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Client: Lance Armstrong

Location: Austin, Tx

Geography: Hardiness Zone 8b

Type: Residential

Project Requirements: The plans for Lance Armstrong's new Austin, Texas home called for a driveway to run straight through the middle of a 150-year-old Live Oak. Rather than cut the tree down, plans were modified to utilize the tree in front of the house, requiring the tree to be transplanted 200 yards.

Project Process: Environmental Design first root pruned the tree and let the tree recover for three months. Then, utilizing Environmental Design's roundball method, the rootball was encapsulated. The tree was hoisted using a 4-point gantry system, transported to the new site, and planted in a prominent position in front of the new residence

California Private Residence

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Client: Ron Herman, Landscape Architect

Location: Central, California

Geography: Hardiness Zone 10a

Type: Residential

Project Requirements: The landscape architect located this wind-shaped tree on the site and called in Environmental Design to carefully move the tree to frame the entrance of this exclusive California residence.

Project Process: The encapsulated rootball of the Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) measured 14 feet and weighed over 75,000 pounds. Special rigging techniques were utilized to deal with the non-symmetrical weight of the tree.

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Fertitta Residence

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Client: Lifescapes International

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Geography: Hardiness Zone 9a

Type: Residential

Project Requirements: To accent the landscaping of an exclusive private residence being built on the hills surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada, Environmental Design was asked to supply 50 specimen pine trees.

Project Process: Environmental Design located the trees at two separate salvage locations in the Las Vegas area, boxed the trees, transported them to the construction site, and planted them in accordance with the design laid out by the architectural firm Lifescapes International.

Project Solution: The trees were planted to create natural screens from surrounding properties and to accent the various landscaping features, all without obstructing the fabulous views of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Tribute Development

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Client: Matthews Southwest

Location: The Colony, Tx

Geography: Hardiness Zone 8a

Type: Residential

Project Requirements: Specimen Live Oaks ranging in size from 4 to 20 caliper inches.

Project Process: Environmental Design box-harvested the giant specimen live oaks and cured them for 3 months prior to transporting and installing these beauties.