Commercial Property

Polo Ranch

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Client: Polo Ranch - Lenner Development

Location: Scotts Valley California

Type: Transplant on site two quercus agrifolia 18-20” caliper

Project Requirements: Lennar Development contacted EDI in June of 2016 to prepare and move two 18-20” quercus agrifolia. These trees were slated for protection in their Environmental Impact Study. Due to severe drought conditions, we initiated a hydration period of 3 weeks prior to root pruning. Upon root pruning and encapsulation we also encountered rock at a depth on only 12-14”. This proved to be challenging, however with perseverance and the correct tools the trees were ready to be moved on July 26th, 2016. The trees are now planted on their permanent locations with a dedicated water source (recycled water) and will monitored and maintained by EDI for two years.

St. Phillips Episcopal Church

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Client: St. Phillips Episcopal Church

Location: Houston, Tx

Geography: Hardiness Zone 9b

Type: Commercial Property

Project Requirements: A road expansion project in Houston, Texas threatened a 50-year-old Live Oak.

Project Process: Environmental Design was called in to preserve and transplant this tree along one of Houston's busiest streets with minimal disruption in traffic.

Project Solution: The tree was saved and now sits majestically at the church's entrance.

The Campus at Legacy

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Client: Koll Development Company

Location: Plano, Texas

Geography: Hardiness Zone 8a

Type: Commercial Property

Project Requirements: Koll Development and landscape architecture firm, TBG Partners, had an abundance of existing onsite specimen live oaks, red oaks, cedar elms, savannah hollies, and crepe myrtles to work with. The sizes of the transplant material ranged from 8 to 20 caliper inches. To tackle the project, Environmental Design utilized the 80" truck mounted spade, as well as the 10' and 14' patented hydraulic tree spades.

Project Process: Given a very aggressive project schedule to adhere to, Environmental Design expeditiously established onsite holding yards for (26) savannah hollies, (10) giant live oaks, and (25) crepe myrtles. The initial phase of the project only called for the trees to remain in holding for 4-5 weeks before being transplanted into their new homes within the renovated landscape.

Project Solution: The project is just approaching Phase 1 completion with great success. Environmental Design looks forward to partnering with Koll Development on the future phases.

Moffett Towers

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Client: Rudolph & Sletton

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Geography: Hardiness Zone 10a

Type: Commercial Property

Project Requirements: To meet a demanding construction schedule, 14 California Sycamores (Platanus racemosa) had to be transplanted to create the centerpiece of a new business park.

Project Process: Using our patented 14' spade, Environmental Design was able to transplant the trees is just 3 days.

Sage Condos

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Client: Avera Development

Location: Austin, Tx

Geography: Hardiness Zone 8b

Type: Commercial Property

Project Requirements: When a large Live Oak tree in the middle of a planned condominium complex turned out to be protected by the City of Austin, Avera Development called Environmental Design to transplant the tree.

Project Process: Environmental Design needed to move the massive tree through a narrow pass and over to the church property.

Project Solution: The tree was carefully moved off the property and transplanted into a prominent spot in front of the Church.